The strategic monitoring/watch or competitive intelligence is used to supervise the environment of your company in order to anticipate the market trends and to improve your competitiveness.

In an increasingly uncertain and competing market environment, the strategic monitoring/watch and the comparative analysis (benchmarking) enable you to better detect opportunities and threats for your company. The benefits are as follow :


  • Have qualitative and quantitative information at the appropriate time
  • Anticipate the evolution and trends of the market on your branch of industry
  • Know your competitors and determine their positioning
  • Identify newcomers on your branch of industry
  • Determine your potential customers
  • Apprehend the consumer needs
  • Find diversification and innovation possibilities of your activities and/or products

With our experienced team, MIVADO GP can perform your personal studies on time anywhere in the world because we are convinced that each company is single. We can assist organization to maximize the benefit using the following two of Strategic Monitoring and Benchmarking.