Intellectual Property (IP) is not just patents, trademarks, industrial designs or copyrights, but also the processes, techniques, methods and skills. Management of intellectual property can therefore refer to a corporate culture or practice. The support provided by MIVADO GP in terms of management of intellectual property portfolio consists of the following elements:


  • Follow-up of the technology development
  • Program development and policy management of the IP
  • Implementation of awareness program and Training
  • Achievement of full audits of IP assets
  • Prospecting contacts for the grant or transfer of the IP
  • Establishing the value of the IP
  • Monitoring the validity and expiration date of the IP
  • Interface Company / Patent Agent and trademark
  • Monitoring and audience measurement of the trademarks
  • Survey on the payment of royalties
  • Competitive intelligence of the IP
  • Optimization and continuous improvement of the department in charge of the IP
  • Optimal management of information, knowledge and expertise

MIVADO GP shares the idea each business is unique. We offer personalized service by optimizing the management of your intangible assets. This assistance is based on the active participation of corporate clients.

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