The Strategic Information Document (SID) is a new MIVADO Web service that provides a full customized news. Registers have the ability to chose what they would like to read in terms of news, strategic information and summary reports from surveys, comments, studies and more.


SID contains ten (10) selected titles and relevant information which is sent via a valid email address you provided. Now we would like to offer an unique opportunity to gether on one document customized information.

Five reasons to become a Strategic Information Document (SID) subscriber

You are contractors, managers, Engineers, technicians or simply an occasional visitor or maybe a regular visitor of our site, the website of Strategic and Competitive intelligence of MIVADO Global Performance, which offers news, relevant articles, press reviews, net reviews, information from biopharmaceutical regulatory boards and a calendar of strategic upcoming events. Why you may subscribe or renew your subscription with the Strategic Information Document (SID) of MIVADO.BIZ?

  1. Because SID provides strategic information. Through the Internet or via open sources, you are aware of information with several days of delay. As a SID subscriber, you will receive your customized information at work or at home depending on your suitability. Thus you will be able earlier to understand the legal, regulatory, scientific, economic and technological environment for better acting.
  2. Because SID offers customized business information. As a SID subscriber, it is not necessary to seek out other information sources in order to get the appropriate information. MIVADO.BIZ will carry out all the work and translate the results in the SID format enabling you to work out productivity and performance strategies of your organization.
  3. Because SID offers exclusive information. The success of companies remains in the action to pre-empt the up coming market. This action can be carried out by adopting strategic watch and competitive intelligence. As a subscriber, SID will gather the necessary and strategic information you need at time.
  4. Because SID provides innovated solution. You will be among the first to have the required information. As a subscriber, you are assured access to the information furnished by SID.
  5. Because SID is continuously evolving. It required more input from users like you. MIVADO.BIZ needs more subscribers to better animate one of the most generous sites of the strategic watch and business intelligence. As a subscriber, you will give your point of view, your comments and you will contribute to SID continuous improvement. The added information value can be more targeted and consistent.

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