Your satisfaction is our concerns. The way we handle your project is based on the agile methodology. This principle  is applied to all project management and execution. A method which has proven itself.

Method we use is based on the following process steps:

  • Dialogue
  • Evaluation
  • Analysis
  • Data search
  • Specifications

The working method of MIVADO GlobalPerformance is based on the principles of agile methodology that aims to increase the level of satisfaction of our customers and our partners. the fundamental elements are as follow:

  • The assessment of needs: listen carefully and understand the project
  • The needs for analysis: define the project expectations
  • Information retrieval: search information related to the project
  • Technical specifications: clearly identify all technical data and regulatory frameworks for the project implementation
  • Strengthen dialogue in our consultations
  • Provision to change through a more flexible planning
  • Work-oriented specifications of our customers while being exclusively responsible
  • Establish closer relations with our partners

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