All natural health products (NHP) must have a product licence before they can be sold in Canada. To get a licence, applicants must give detailed information about the product to Health Canada. How can we help you? Our range of support includes:


  • Information gathering: medicinal ingredients, source, dose, potency, non-medicinal ingredients and recommended use(s).
  • Labelling information: Specification and requirements.
  • Site licensing.
  • Application preparation and submission.
  • NHP Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • Adverse Reaction Reporting.

We supply all support required in successfully obtaining a Natural Product Number (NPN). If we think your product will not qualify, we will let you know prior to moving ahead.

Formulation Support

Sometimes, a slight change in a formula could allow some major claims to be made for your product. Obviously, a product that tells what it is used for will far outsell a product that is simply labelled as a “dietary supplement." Claims are REQUIRED in Canada. We have often been able to turn a mediocre product into a major selling product by simply increasing the potency of some ingredient or suggesting the addition of some ingredient(s). We will be happy to assist in this regard.


Canada is an officially bi-lingual country, with one-third of the population as either totally or partially French-speaking. The French that is spoken in Québec is not exactly like that which is spoken in France. Our English-to-French translators have worked for the Canada government and supply proper Canadian English-to-French translations.

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