We now offer On-SiteTraining, Mivado GlobalPerformance comes to you with its new On-Site Training. With on-site training from Mivado GP, it’s easy to ensure that your team has the right skills to maximize your business investment.

If you’ve got several people to train in the same area, or you need training customized for a specific operation employees, there’s no need to travel for the training you need.

Our On-site training is the perfect cost-effective solution for companies who need to train an entire group of employees on a specific subject. Mivado GP will customize an on-site training program to help you meet specific employee productivity and knowledge requirements.


Our on-site training option brings world-class training to your site or a convenient nearby location On-site training saves money by eliminating travel and hotel expenses. You also enjoy greater flexibility and more control, factors that can provide stronger results.

Mivado GP on-Site training is:

  • Convenient. Receive expert training at your work site.
  • Cost-effective. On-Site training costs less per person than sending entire teams to off-site training.
  • Customized. Trainers and staff will work with your company to adapt and design a course to include your specific needs and requirements.
  • Flexible. Trainers and staff will develop a program to meet your work schedules.
  • Team Oriented. Entire teams or departments can be trained at one time providing employees with a unique opportunity to discuss problems and share best practices.

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