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In a strongly competitive commercial environment where the satisfaction of the customer is a key, the management of business processes is an industrial answer for employees and systems. MIVADO GlobalPerformance (a.k.a Mivado GP) assists companies to take into account, in an automated way, the entire sequence of the business processes so that one can follow, in real time, the evolution of a task or with internal company information intervene if needed.


MIVADO GP understands that information and communication are essential in business and manufacturing processes. In the current technical and economical context where information management is essential for the health and development of the company, we commit ourselves to assist you in your innovative research. We will support you in implementing a dynamic structure for the flow of information within your company. Moreover, we are committed to the principles of confidentiality and nondisclosure of data and information related to the projects and/or the customers.

Value Added

MIVADO GP, remaining true to its philosophy and its principles based on performance and innovation, allows you to enrich your company by the means of the effective management and optimization of your manufacturing processes.


The technical team of MIVADO GP realizes your methodical examination of a situation related to product, process and/or organization in quality matter. We always work in co-operation with the interested parties in order to check the compliance according to the pre-established provisions and the adequacy of these last to the required objectives.


MIVADO GP is convinced that before investing, it is necessary to know… accordingly, our team is ready to carry out analysis whose primary objectives are to know if your company, or a part of the company, is functioning properly, to detect its strong and weak points, to evaluate and compare it with similar companies, finally, to evaluate its adaptability to long-term economic situations.


MIVADO GP strongly believes that each element of the process is important and crucial to the workstation environment. Accordingly, along with our partners and customers we will strive to optimize speed, performance and quality of the process under study.