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Manufacturing Excellence – The performance optimization of your manufacturing and business processes can be carried out only by adopting the Operational Excellence and Good performance Practices (GPP).


Why implement Good Performance Practices ?

In an increasingly uncertain global market, it is essential that businesses remain competitive. In this point of view the success key of the manufacturing companies remains the innovation in the business processes, in the manufacturing processes, and in the quality products placed at the customers disposal. To achieve this key of success, companies must invest in the manufacturing processes optimization, in the manufacturing processes improvement and finally, in the general manufacturing process performance. Companies in compliance with GMP have an excellent base to develop and adopt an innovating solution in order to maintain the quality of their products and to improve the performance of their manufacturing processes.

MIVADO GP offers a global and personalized solutions that fit your specific needs. We provide assistance and advises in Manufacturing Excellence and Good Performance Practices implementation.

Audit of Manufacturing Performance

  • Stock turns / Supply Chain
  • Really Right First Time
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Process Line Control and Automation
  • Lean Production / Reduction  of non-value added Activities
  • Measurement and Implementation of Productivity Scorecards
  • Quality Continuous Improvement

Assessment of Manufacturing Process

  • Setup of Operation diagrams
  • Detection of the differentiation elements, of successes / failure, opportunuties / threats, skills / weak points, assets/brakes, scenario evaluation
  • Manufacturing process Evaluation
  • Feasability Studies, Concept, Brand name and product Test
  • Concept, Segmentation and Technology Definition

Process Control and Improvement

  • Implementation of Lean manufacturing
  • Procedure Simplifications
  • Identification and Reinforcement of Added-Value Activities
  • Agile automation of process steps
  • Strategic Digital Transformation
  • Measurement and Implementation of KPI
  • Implementation of Operating Procedures
Training & Certification